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Item collection 3530586 original Gallery hero 3530586 original

Nature Photography Blank Art Note Card, Geese on a Gray Day


Item collection 1309172 original Gallery hero 1309172 original

Recycled Glass Wall Pocket Vase, Miniature Diamond


Item collection 3810137 original Gallery hero 3810137 original

Art Photography Blank Greeting Card of a Half Moon Moonscape


Item collection 3530139 original Gallery hero 3530139 original

Mt. Hood Framed in Pink Sky and Hood River Lights Blank Note Card


Item collection 3615495 original Gallery hero 3615495 original

Fine Art Nature Photography Macro, Blank Note Card, Painted Lady Butterfly on Verbena Flower


Item collection 4220052 original Gallery hero 4220052 original

Art Photography Swallowtail Butterfly on Wild Purple Lily Blank Greeting Card


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Steider Studios

Hand-made art glass for home decor, gift giving, jewelry and more. Art photography note cards and prints on canvas and metal. Excellent customer service and prompt shipping with attention to detail. My original designs make a beautiful statement in your home and my jewelry is fun to wear. Prompt customer service with attention to detail. Thank you for connecting with me!